Primary and secondary prevention worldwide against SARS-COV 2-COVID 19 through immune- boosting with beta-glucans


WHO and most world governments completely omitted non-mechanistic primary and secondary prevention because they adopted the dominant obsolete model of medical science and medicine based on linear causality, to date completely overcame by Person-Centered Medicine. (1) (2) (3)    It is based on a multi-factorial model of biomedical investigation, based on the deep allostasis-based and interactionist revolution of medical science, unknown by most clinicians and investigators, which at the clinical level promotes the person resources and resilience, through the Person-Centered Clinical Method,  with a shift of medicine to health education , health promotion, self-care,  and the person’s freedom and responsibility, changing the paradigm of medical science, allowing enormous spares in suffering and health fares. ( 4)

The pandemic found in the most world public health managers – an illiteracy multinational- affected by the  ” Donkey syndrome pandemic” (DSP) a structured ally, which completely omitted that between any virus and bacteria there is as protective and resolutive factor humoral and cellular natural immunity, which is responsible for the ratio case/fatality in young people under 30 zero or close to zero, owing to good functionality of immunity transduction signals through cell membranes, where lipid rafts, the necessary condition for the virus entry are absent. , as professor Brera explained in the first treatise on SARS-COV -2. (5)

The omission of the innate immunity-boosting in the world populations, through health educations courses, driven by a DSP WHO, is the real cause of the SARS-COV 2 pandemic, leading to general submission to experimental vaccines with criticized and insufficient trials., (6) with short term and long term unknown adverse effects like auto-immunity and likely cancer ( epi-transcriptomic -based  hypothesis for mRNA vaccines). (4)

Recently prof. Brera, which introduced the relativity theory of the infection,(8) (9) made available to all a chapter (10) of the treatise about the crucial role of beta-glucans in SARS-COV 2,  other viruses, bacteria, cancer prevention, opening a road to cheap and easy SARS-COV 2 prevention worldwide, boosting innate immunity and preventing adhesion to cells and diffusion of the virus in the host.

Considering that induced-anergy caused by comorbidities characterized by atherosclerotic immunosenescence ( 12) is the maximum risk factor for COVID-19 severity and fatalities ( 13) (14) , beta-glucans represent easy-cheap available worldwide molecules for boosting immunity, preventing the infection, primarily vaccinating infected asymptomatic persons, stopping the pandemic.

Beta-glucans are available worldwide with costs close to zero. (baker yeast).

The Chapter is available on Research Gate

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