The Conference

“The Person of the Adolescent and Person-Centered Medicine”

Milan,Italy 1 June 2024


On 1st June 2024 ,  in Milan, Italy at the Ambrosianeum Foundation in Milan, the Conference on the theme “The Person of the Adolescent and Person-Centered Medicine” is heald  under the patronage of CNR, SIAd and the World Federation and Society of Adolescentology, promoted by Ambrosiana University and the Milan School of Medicine.

The training in Person-Centered Medicine and the Person-Centered Clinical Method, in accordance with the interactionist and teleonomic progress of the medical sciences today is the unifying paradigm of Medical Education, because the conception of health today  is conceived as :” The choice of the best possibilities to be the best human person”, (Giuseppe R.Brera 2011)

The specific theoretical reference of the masters dedicated to adolescence of the Ambrosiana University is the ” Person-Centered Theory of Adolescence”  theoretical substance of the new discipline introduced in the world by Prof. Giuseppe R.Brera in 1983, which took the name of Adolescentology and was presented internationally in 1993. From that date also thanks to the action of the Italian Society of Adolescentology and Medicine of Adolescence  and the World Federation and Society od Adolescentology, respectively born in 1991 and in 1994, about 80,000 adolescents were followed by doctors who trained to interpret adolescents according to this theoretical model that gives value to  resources of the person before problems, starting from the person of the adolescent, to be able to build together with her/him new possibilities that can improve the quality of life in health and disease. The theoretical model is  taught in the master in Person-Centered Medicina, valid in every age.

The conference also introduces the Master in Health Education of adolescents, which forms to the application of an advanced methodology and proved very effective even in school difficulties and in different behavioral problems of adolescents.

Researchers of the CNR and other international Institutes of research, the volunteer  in addition to the investigators, clinicians and teachers of Ambrosiana University are invited to attend without charges. It is possible by invitation to participate in streaming.

The Conference is introduced by a lecture by the Rector of the Ambrosiana University, Giuseppe R.Brera on the paradigm of Medicine: Person-Centered Medicine and the presentation of the nomination for the Nobel Prize in Medicine,  Piermario Biava, that will hold a lecture on the discovery of the epigenetic code,  Teachers of the Ambrosiana University , followed by a presentation on the neurobiological evolution of the adolescents’ brain ( Adriana Galvan, Ettore Ruberti) . Central issues on the family of the teenager  will be addressed by   Flavio Della Croce and  the necessary application of person-centred medicine to adolescence by Mariangela Porta, Vito Galante, Domenico Francomano, Paolo Garascia. Marco Invernizzi and Giuseppe R.Brera will address the moral question in Adolescence.

The second part of the international Congress at the presence of a representative of the Consular Corps in Milan will introduce” la Charte Mondiale de la Santé- the World Health Charter, and the International Congress ( prof.Giuseppe R.Brera) : “Person-Centered Health and the resilient adolescent”, Assisi Italy 25-26-27 October 2024( Prof. Claudio Violato University of Minneapolis and Ambrosiana-Pro-Rector and scientific directori of World Health Committee) one the leading investigators in Medical Education, who will introduce a speech by Prof. Richard Fiordo, co-chair of the Congress, (Em of University of North Dakota and professor at the Ambrosiana University), one of the  leading pionieers in Health Communication, Director of Health Communication in the World Health Committee. The professor will address the Assisi 24 Conference on  the topic of  adolescents’ care in the USA.

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